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Weed Control



Unfortunately our beautiful “Bluegrass State” is not immune to lawn weeds. As the #1 soil and turf experts, our team specialized in the elimination of unsightly weeds in turf.




The best defense against weed issues in your lawn is to cultivate a healthy, dense lawn. In thick lawns weed seeds are less likely to germinate due to light and available space. SeeGreen can help you develop a healthy and dense lawn by using proper practices such as appropriate mowing, fertilization, and other lawn management practices. Frequently though, weeds will germinate and more aggressive measures are necessary. See Green is educated in weed identification and application timing to get optimal results in your lawn. Herbicides used by SeeGreen are approved by the EPA Environmental Protection Agency, applied by licensed, trained professionals. Equipment calibrations are checked and adjusted regularly so the proper amount of product is used to eradicate weeds. 



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