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See Green uses the finest quality products to ensure optimal results.



See Green uses slow-release granular fertilizers that feed the turf slowly over a six week period.  Using slow release fertilizer is the most favorable way to maintain a home lawn.  Fertilizer feeds the rooting system and strengthens the plant to help it resist drought and disease while giving the turf a desirable green color and a defense from invading weeds. Typically the soil requires four timed fertilizer applications annually. 


Understanding Fertilizer Nutrients

A label is required on all fertilizer bags.  This label must show the percentage of nitrogen by weight, available phosphate and soluble potash. See Green has developed a proven fertilizer program using these nutrients at a specific rate. 


  • N-P-K definition:

  • N = Nitrogen: Develops the leaf and stem growth and gives the lawn a dark green color.

  • P = Phosphorus : Helps roots take quickly to the soil and aides in establishing seed growth.

  • K = Potassium : Promotes plant hardiness and resistance to stress as well as disease. 



Fertilizer applications

Late Spring: This application is applied to protect the plant from anticipated summer drought and stress by using a product higher in potassium.


Fall: This application is applied to help encourage root growth and stimulate seed germination.


Late Fall: This application is applied to supply nutrients to new       growth and prepare for winter temperatures.


Winter: This application is applied to strengthen roots for winter survival.



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