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Mole Control

What to look for

Moles can be an unpleasant guest for homeowners ruining what could otherwise be a stunning yard. These 6 to 8 inch pesky mammals have beak-like snouts, hidden eyes, and strong fore-feet used to create shallow feeding tunnels and raised mounds in lawns. Moles displace large amounts of soil at a rate of one foot per minute leaving unstable areas in the ground. These creatures often roam from lawn to lawn below ground following their food supply; grubs, earthworms and insects.

Preventing Mole Invasions

Overwatering is a welcome sign to moles attracting their favorite dish- earthworms. Reducing the amount of water will help to change the habitat which entices moles to visit. Controlling grub populations can also be helpful in deterring moles.


Mole Solution

To prevent excessive damage, it is important to get rid of the mole(s) as soon as you see a run or mound. That’s where See Green can help. We will place a worm like bait in active tunnels and burrows. Once the worm has been ingested, the mole will die off in 24-36 hours

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