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See Green is a locally owned and operated turf management company serving commercial and residential customers in Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas. At See Green, we place high regard on honesty, professionalism, customer service, and exceeding expectations as we nurture lawns into attractive and healthy spaces.

Soil Maintenance
Pest Control

-Mole Contol


-Grub Control

-Mosquito Control

-Outdoor Insecticides

-Weed Control

-pH Maintenance


Lawn Care 


-Free soil analysis


-Spring Pre-emergent


-Spring Broadleaf Herbicide


-Fall Broadleaf Herbicide


-Winter Fertilizer



Tree & Shrub Care

-Insect Control

-Dormant Oil

-Bed pre-emergent


Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenance



-Trimming / Plant Care


-Snow and Ice Removal

Weed Identification



-Slit Seeding



-Over Seeding

-Power Seeding

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